Octopod Investment

OCTOPOD is a diversified holding company focused upon creating and nurturing high-value companies, projects and properties in the media, entertainment, sports, fashion, events and arts fields. It is presently the parent company to Footistars, Impresario, Goodfellas Partners and Portable Talents.

OCTOPOD creates value for investors, promoters, partners and brands by identifying emerging trends, leveraging our global network of experts, and securing financing and investment capital to develop focused business entities devoted to maximizing the profit potential of emergent specialty markets and growing consumer demand. Through this approach, we succeed in creating jobs, financing high-potential ventures, and developing specialized businesses that are precisely matched to the markets they serve.

Headquartered in Dubai, OCTOPOD leverages a global network of contacts to facilitate activities and ventures in Europe, the MEA region, Asia and the Americas. OCTOPOD welcomes inquiries from qualified partners, clients and investors seeking to leverage its expertise in cultivating profitable new ventures.


If you are looking for a career with Octopod Investment or any of its subsidiaries, please email us on careers@octopod.world

Make sure to add a cover letter, attach your CV and mention the company you are interested in joining.

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